Hi there!

Welcome to Hair Momentum! My name is Lorna Casse. I am a chemist by training, and received my Masters in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore (one of the top 20 universities in the world). My diverse chemistry background led me into the Hair Industry when I started working for Living Proof Inc, which back then was still a start-up company. Living Proof was acquired by Unilever in 2016.

As part of the research team, my mission was to come up with new technologies for hair care, many of which are patented. But above all, being in a start-up environment, gave me invaluable insights into the hair industry: from the marketing point of view, to the formulation side of things, to the safety requirements and most importantly to the customers’ point of views.

Working with top-notch stylists and meeting people with all types of hair, made me realize that I could use my knowledge and expertise to help people understand the source of their hair frustrations and through basic hair science foundation, help them remedy the problems, understand the hair industry and filter out marketing gimmicks among other things.

I also consult with hair companies and individuals to help them in their quest for better hair care. And I currently offer Corporate Wellness Programs designed to help people regain their confidence through healthy hair.